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To make a warranty claim on a product purchased from Leeds Transit, please fill out the form below. All fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory. Once you have submitted the form we will contact you shortly.

The last 8 digits of your VIN.
A photo of the vehicle's VIN number.
A photo of your vehicles mileage.
A photo of your vehicle's engine hours.
E.g. entrance door will not shut off when the door is closed.
E.g. electrical tests confirmed that micro switch is constantly sending the close signal to the motor.
E.g. replace micro switch.

By submitting this form, it is hereby agreed that a repair order will be returned to the sponsoring dealer within 3 days of the part being received and repair completed with the following information: Entire 17 digit VIN, mileage, serial number of component (if applicable) and the date of failure Complaint, cause and correction signed by repairing location manager.

All defective parts are to have the supplied warranty tag completed and attached. Parts are to be held for 90 from date of receipt. You will be invoiced for warranty parts not returned to Leeds Transit when requested.

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