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COVID-19 Update

Hello all valued customers,

Hope all you are safe and healthy in the trying times. Leeds Transit Parts Department is open for business and here for you 7:30 am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We are taking all of the COVID 19 appropriate safety measures for our employees and customers with protective equipment and no touch delivery. Orders before 9 am will have same day delivery to most areas. If you have any special delivery instruction please contact us or indicate at time of order.

Thank you and stay safe.


Welcome To An Exciting New Learning Tool For Bus Technicians!

The Leeds University is a web based self study training system that allows technicians to have access to the same level of training as IC bus dealer technicians. View short descriptions of the courses below.

If you are already enrolled in the university, please login to the Navistar Learning Management System.

To enroll in the Leeds University, please complete the enrollment form.


2004-2006 VGT Diagnostics, Pivot Shaft, and Actuator Flange Replacement

Web-Based Training - This course was formerly titled "I-6 Turbocharger Diagnostics and Repair Update II." In this course you will learn to properly diagnose the 2004-2006 I-6 Turbocharger and install the actuator flange and pivot shaft.

2007 Emissions Fundamentals

Web-Based Training - Identify the make-up of the diesel, explain the operation of the exhaust, explain the operation of the exhaust after treatment, identify the different types of regeneration, identify the levels of emission control warnings and perform a Parked Regeneration.

2007 MaxxForceTM 7 Air Management

Web-Based Training - Air Management System components, their operation, and turbocharger diagnostics.

2007 MaxxForceTM 7 Engine Overview

Web-Based Training - Course covers general engine information including engine performance data, specifications, components and engine identification.

2007 MaxxForceTM 7 Fuel Management

Web-Based Training - The goal of this course is to introduce the technician to the components, and diagnostics of the MaxxForceTM 7 fuel system.

2007 MaxxForceTM Aftertreatment (AFT) System

Web-Based Training - This course covers the components of the Aftertreatment system and their operation.

2010 MaxxForceTM DT, 9, and 10 Engine-to-Chassis Interface

Web-Based Training - The goal of this program is to familiarize service personnel with how the 2010 model year MaxxForce DT, 9, and 10 engines are incorporated into the medium duty trucks and buses. This course covers the following modules: Remote Oil Filter and Power Steering, Cooling System, Fuel and Air Management, Aftertreatment and Vehicle Air System, Electronic Control System, and Instrument Panel.

2010 MaxxForceTM DT, 9, and 10 for Technicians

Web-Based Training - This course is intended for personnel who maintain, diagnose and repair Navistar® medium duty truck engines. The goal of this program is to provide service technicians with an introduction to the 2010 model year MaxxForceTM DT, 9, and 10 engine systems. This course covers the following systems: Lubrication, Cooling, Fuel, Aftertreatment, and Air Management.

2011 Navistar Safety

Web-Based Training - Navistar Safety requirement designed to reinforce the principles of shop safety.

CE Bus Program 1: Orientation

Web-Based Training - Introduction to the CE Bus from a technician's standpoint. Topics include overview of: interior and exterior systems highlighting design features and serviceability.

CE Bus Program 2A: Full Power Brakes

Web-Based Training - Coverage of the complete CE Bus Full Power Brake System including theory, diagnosis and repair.

CE Bus Program 2B: Electrical Introduction

Web-Based Training - Basic high level coverage of the complete multiplex CE Bus electrical system.

Diamond Logic® Builder Introduction and Usage Series

Web-Based Training - This program is designed to introduce technicians to the Diamond Logic® Builder software and familiarize them with its functions and navigation.

I6 Engine Program 2: Diagnostics

Web-Based Training - The course covers some of the symptoms of problems seen with the I6 engines. It also covers the diagnostics procedures for testing the engine.

ISIS® for Technicians Program 1: Technical Publications Overview and Navigation

Web-Based Training - Overview for Services Technicians of navigational paths to the Technical Publications pages of ISIS® most frequently used by Service Technicians.

OnCommandTM Parts Information for Fleets

Web-Based Training - Shows customers hoe to navigate and utilize the OnCommand Parts Information (formerly Fleet Parts Catalog Online) system.

OnCommandTM Service Information for Fleets

Web-Based Training - Provides customers an overview of the basic navigation and viewing of content on the most frequently used areas of OnCommand Service Information (formerly Fleet ISIS) system.

Quick Tips Training - IC BusTM Door Adjustment Procedures

Web-Based Training - This program will outline the steps and procedures you must follow anytime you need to replace or adjust the entrance doors on a BE200, CE200 or 300, FE300, or RE200 or 300 school bus.

Repair Advocate for Fleets

Web-Based Training - This program is designed to take you step-by-step through the basic features and functions of ServiceMaxx.

ServiceMaxx Introduction and Usage

Web-Based Training - This program is designed to take you step-by-step through the basic features and functions of ServiceMaxx.

VT 365 Program II: Hard Start / No Start Diagnostics (TCN-120701)

Self Study DVD - This program covers the diagnostic procedures for hard star and no start issues with the VT 365 engine.

VT 365 Program III: Performance Diagnostics (TCN-120701)

Self-Study DVD - This program covers the diagnostic procedure for performance issues with the VT 365 engine.

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