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CE Series

Leeds Transit - The CE Series - school bus
IC Corp

CE 200 and CE 300 Models

We went to drivers, fleet supervisors, school administrators and mechanics and asked them what they wanted in a school bus. But we didn't stop there. We went out and videotaped hours and hours of footage of drivers performing their jobs. We studied repetitive movements. Looked at how they use the controls and in what sequence.

We didn't stop there either. We took exact measurements of 1,500 drivers of all sizes and shapes. As a result, the CE interior environment is an ergonomic marvel for drivers.

With the CE, it's the little things that make the difference. Like making sure the windshield wiper pattern provides a clear, wiped view of side-view mirrors. Placing pedals, switches and controls where they make the most sense for the most drivers. And offering a roped-in flat windshield that is faster and less costly to repair than the curved and bonded variety.

Nothing revolutionary – just practical, commonsense features that make the CE a better bus to own, drive and maintain. It's amazing what happens when you listen to customers and think about buses from their point of view.


  • CE interiorControls for the power door, warning lights and other high-use items are placed on the steering wheel for greater driver convenience.
  • An exclusive “one-button” stop feature improves ergonomics by significantly reducing the number of driver tasks and movements required for loading/unloading children, and enables the driver to keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on passengers.
  • All switches are located within easy reach with no or minimal lean, allowing the drivers to maintain an eyes-front view.
  • The standard power door – already the widest entry door in the industry – was made both wider and taller for easier, more visible entry and egress.
  • Optimum seat position and placement of pedals, switches and controls yield that “just-right” feel drivers appreciate.
  • Patented dynalastic engine mounts, a soft-ride suspension package and generous sound-absorbing material deliver a quiet and comfortable ride.
  • Standard variable-rate rear springs and heavy-duty front shock absorbers isolate passenger and driver from harsh roads. Rear air suspension available.

Passenger Protection

  • The No Student Left Behind™ system ensures the bus is completely empty at the end of the day.
  • The electrical system allows an exterior lamp “pre-trip” to be performed quickly and easily by one person.
  • IC is the first school bus manufacturer to offer a proprietary three-point seatbelt system.
  • Air brakes
  • With the electric door interlock feature, the entry door will not open if the vehicle is in motion.


Owner appeal

  • CE exteriorThe patented integrated crossing arm motor is protected by flush mounting behind the bumper for dependable operation, even in icy weather.
  • Body design enhancements include a standard 78" roof height, raised rear door, updated side/wheelchair lift emergency doors, and refined fit, finish and styling.
  • Hidden hinges on the side and rear emergency doors are protected from weather and road damage for longer life.
  • Better-sealed passenger windows protect against leaks. Latches and handles offer greater durability.
  • The wiper system automatically changes to the slowest speed after an extended idle, helping to prevent unnecessary scratching of the windshield.
  • Available advanced telematics utilize GPS technology to locate vehicle, monitor speed and direction, and collect vehicle performance data.
  • 16-gauge extra-smooth galvanized steel side sheets and skirts resist corrosion and deliver long-lasting good looks.
  • The three-piece hood is less expensive to repair than single-piece hoods
  • The industry's best heating, cooling and defrosting performance keeps passengers and driver comfortable in any weather.
  • International® diesel engines deliver unmatched performance, reliability and fuel efficiency while meeting the latest emissions standards.

Driver delights

  • Overall visibility is greatly enhanced with a higher three-piece windshield, overlapping wiper patterns, raised entrance door, higher driver's side window, larger rear windows and optimally located mirrors. The result: every child is within easy view of the driver at all times.
  • A wheel cut of up to 50º provides outstanding maneuverability.
  • Automotive-style wiper control features five intermediate speeds, two wash modes, more wiper coverage and 25% longer system life. Headlights come on when wipers are engaged, making the bus more visible in inclement weather and helping reduce the number of tasks the driver must perform. Wiper control is conveniently located on the turn signal stalk.
  • A full-power hydraulic brake system offers shorter stopping distances and all-speed traction control.

Maintainer advantages

  • The International® Easy Tilt™ hood requires just 15 pounds of effort to open, allowing even the smallest drivers to complete daily checks quickly and easily. Splash guards are integrated with the hood and stay out of the way for easy access to the engine.
  • Extended-life coolant, coordinated service intervals, quick and easy fluid checks and long-life bulbs help reduce service time and cost of ownership.
  • The International® Diamond Logic™ electrical system features an advanced self-diagnostic capability and fewer wires and connectors. The vehicle's operation can be monitored and diagnosed quickly from the instrument panel, resulting in faster repairs.
  • Warning, emergency exit and lift indicator lights are located in the cluster, creating a cleaner instrument panel and requiring less wiring.
  • Electrical wiring is color-coded and continuously numbered to simplify inspections and repairs.
  • International engines reduce service time and cost of ownership with features like reusable gaskets and externally serviceable glow plugs that don't require valve-cover removal.
  • Legendary International engines deliver unmatched performance, reliability and economy while meeting the latest emissions standards. Choices include the International MaxxForce 7, MaxxForce DT or the Cummins ISB diesel engines.
  • The one-piece flat-glass windshield with roped-in design can be removed and replaced significantly faster, more easily and less expensively than a curved and bonded windshield.
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