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PT 2000 Paratransit

PT 2000 Paratransit

VIP 2000 (20')

The ideal alternative to a standard passenger van.

The Diamond VIP 2000 has the following advantages over a passenger van.

  • Bus' driving stability and handling are superior to that of a van resulting in a safer ride.
  • Dual rear wheels.
  • Wide variety of seat types, styles, and arrangements.
  • The PT 2000 is the Para Transit version of the VIP Series that includes a Wheelchair lift and wheelchair restraint systems.
  • Non-CDL bus, 14 + driver. (In most states)
  • Optional high back reclining seats for long trips and comfort.
  • Optional running board for style and ease of entry.
  • Optional overhead luggage racks.
  • Optional large rear air conditioner.
  • 78" inside ceiling height
  • 17" wide aisles
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