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Financing your Bus Purchase is Easy!

When you buy a bus, finding the right repayment plan is just as important as any other part of your purchase decision. At Leeds we take the financing of vehicles seriously because we know you deserve top notch financial service just as much as you need and deserve good support from our Bus Sales, Parts and Service departments. We have built relationships with several major lenders and we have specific financing programs in place that we have designed in partnership with these lenders to bring you superior financing alternatives. We use our large volume of referrals to bring you terrific interest rates and loan structures. There are 2 common methods of financing equipment: Conditional Sales Contract Loan or Leasing. Each has specific strengths that you can use to your advantage, depending on the situation.

Conditional Sales Contract Loan: The most common method of financing a new or used bus purchase is through a Conditional Sales Contract Loan. You own the bus and you take the depreciation on your books. We can offer up to 100% financing which means no down payment money is required. Our lenders offer easy transactions where all the paperwork can be completed by courier or in our offices, the bus is the security, terms can be up to 7 years and you can skip payments in the summer. Rates are competitive.

Leasing: Leasing is a quick word to sum up a whole grab bag of financing options. At Leeds we offer several lease programs, including our In-House program where we can tailor the lease to specifically meet your needs. Leasing is a financing option used to reduce Balance Sheet exposure or stretch repayment terms by adding a balloon option at the end, or used to get the lowest possible monthly payment over a specific term. You may only need a bus for a few months and this type of rental program is also a form of leasing, and yes we can do that too!

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