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Trans Tech Series

Trans Tech Road Star
Trans Tech

Trans Tech has established a new class of vehicle within the marketplace that is offered on all models. It includes a stylish aerodynamic body design, improving fuel economy and increased safety. Behind the style are countless smart design decisions to reduce drag and improve handling, resulting in improved fuel economy, enhanced drivability and a safer driving experience. To assure safety and operational longevity, each Trans Tech vehicle is qualified in accordance with its Safety & Quality First (SQ1) quality engineering program. The body structure of all the Trans Tech models are wrapped in an aluminum skin and outfitted with newly-designed exterior door assemblies of extruded aluminum. These have an anodized finish and glass panels which maximize the driver’s visibility. Innovative designs, reliable products and Tech Star 360 best in Class Warranty are helping set the standard in the Type A bus market.

Chassis Available

  • Chevrolet/GMCGasoline, Diesel, and Propane
  • Ford-Gasoline

Standard Features

  • 14-Guage Pan Formed Floor
  • ½” Plywood Floor
  • 1.5” Insulation-Including Roof Bows
  • Canopy Construction over the driver
  • Lower Side Impact Panels
  • 3 Roof Strainers
  • Black Framed Window Sash
  • Blacked Out Window Post
  • Full Length Entrance Door Glass
  • Prepainted Interior Panels
  • Rosco™ Mirror System
  • 3 Pt. Emergency Door Lock
  • Black Floor Rubber
  • Versa Track Mounted Seats
  • Sherwin Williams™ Paint
  • Aluminum Extruded Constructed Doors
  • Full Length Emergency Door Glass
  • Bulkhead Mounted Switch Panel
  • Plug and Play Electrical System with LED Diagnostics
  • Single Seam Roof Construction
  • Floor To Floor Bow Construction
  • Aerodynamic Front Roof Cap Styling
  • Observation Window +430 Sq. Inches
  • Industry Leading Tech Star 360 Warranty
  • Powdercoated Emergency Door & when requested, Bifold Doors

Optional Equipment

  • Electric Entrance Door
  • Dark Tinted Glass
  • Special Needs Capability-Regular Floor and Flat Floor
  • LED Lighting
  • 5/8” Plywood Floor
  • Colored Floor Rubber
  • Activity Seating
  • Child Check System
  • Rear A/C
  • White Roof
  • 3-Point Seats
  • Child Restraint Seats
  • Reflective Tape Package
  • Roof Hatch
  • Driver Step-Diamond Plate
  • Crossing Gate
  • Battery Box
  • Upgraded Alternator
  • Acoustical Ceiling Panels
  • Lamination/Tempering/Insulated Glass
  • Onspot Tire & Ice Chains
  • Fire Suppression Systems
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